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KA Design is recognized for combining modern and traditional elements in their designs. It was founded by Karishma Kakoti in Bangalore, 2016 and has deep roots in the north-eastern state of Guwahati, Assam. The terms "raw" and "refined" do not have to be mutually exclusive, they are two complementing qualities that might be used to fill a luxurious setting and our designs are raw as well as refined entrenched in quality and knowledge, catering to the luxury market while also satisfying the requirement for sustainability. In our designs, we highlight the indigenous north-eastern culture's remaining traditional art and handicrafts. Furniture and custom product design using locally available materials are our specialties. The designs are well-made and are of excellent quality. Because simplicity is the ultimate elegance, our goal is to produce basic, minimalistic products. We make sure that we capture the client's spirit as well as the essence of the space. Our uniqueness, authenticity, and product diversity are what distinguishes us from others.

Nothing beats combining simple, soothing colours with a vibrant mix of genres and times to create a vibrant, beautiful, and tranquil space that evokes memories and improves lives. We think that luxury should be accessible to everyone, thus our items are well-crafted and priced reasonably. Our founder Karishma Kakoti believes in accepting and taking difficulties so that KA Design can feel the excitement of triumph. With this in mind, we have thought to grow our design not only on land but also in water. We intend to create boats, cruise ships, and yaks in a more sustainable manner. For us, sustainability is a delicate act of providing needs of current generation. Genuineness of environment, specific species, pure ecosystem with accessible interpretative paths, level of thrill of its natural phenomenon, cultural immersion of local people, and historical legacy are some of the major features of ecotourism design aspects that we include in our designs. KA Designs extensively uses sustainable materials such as bamboo, natural stones, reclaimed wood etc. We certainly focus on finding creative solutions that will enhance any given space and we not only are specialized in interior designs but also on the exterior designs.

We want to promote Northeast India on a global scale, thus we're working on a variety of products that will be ready for export in the near future. KA Design believes that successful design comes from rigorous research and study, as well as domain expertise and artistic sensibility. Attention to detail, proportions, and size, as well as common sense, ensure that the end product completely fulfils the concept's promise. Master planning, architectural, landscape, interior, and furniture design are all included in our integrated design services.


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Our 4 foundational pillars



We attempt to build both minimal and stylish designs. We emphasize simplicity in both the interior design and the procurement of materials and value quality over quantity. Working with patterns that are contemporary, clear, authentic, and historic is the hallmark of KA Designs



We paint the lives of the people on every blank canvas. Every day, we strive to find a fresher, more effective approach to combine design aesthetics with the amazing things that reflect our clients and their lifestyles.



In the space we create through our designs, we enable people to discover themselves and work with our customers to co-design their ideal home.



We are distinguished by an equal balance of colour, pattern, scale, and shape. With appealing layouts, we improve functionality. Our designs are so appealing that they will make you spiritually and emotionally connect with us.


KA Design is one of the best interior design firms in the North East India due to the flexibility of customizable design packages mixed with professional knowledge. For starters, the KA Design team is comprised of talented individuals. We are not a team because we collaborate. We work well together because we respect, trust, and care for one another. As a result, we at KA Design value our team members just as much as we do value our clients.

Karishma Kakoti
Founder and the Principle Interior Designer of KA Design.

"My designs are true, authentic, minimal, and always evolving"

Saishab Bhattacharya
Marketing Head at KA Design.

"Marketing and ingenuity are two of a business's most important requirements."

Kunal Bharali
Operations Manager at KA Design

"Operation management is the train engine that propels the company forward."

Pukhika Talukdar- Interior Designer at KA Design

"I am a firm believer in high-quality finishing and attention to detail."

Isha Kalita
Interior Designer at KA Design

"The designing process is completed when there is a genuine sense of belongingness."

Swati Boruah
Interior Designer at KA Design

"To design is to add value and meaning to every lifeless item"

We are always with you to make your living a huge success.

We believe in our clients, and they believe in us. We create to capture the client's spirit as well as the essence of the space.

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