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We have also designed commercial spaces. This comprises of hotels and lounges, restaurants and retail areas, offices, and many more. We value utility safety as well as style and aesthetics.

Some of our well renowned clients under our Commercial Projects include -

Tipsy Town Café - KA Design's Tipsy Town is a whirlwind of conflicting design elements, colours, shapes, and forms. Its colour design is a combination of bright, muddy mild neutrals and a monochromatic scheme reminiscent of the 1960s.

Hotel Gateway Shillong - We have expanded our concept to Shillong by developing a modern classic interior with a mix of modern and classic furniture.

The Whistler - The Whistler is a stunning bar where we have incorporated a modern industrial motif that makes a striking statement.

Some of our other clients includes: On the rock café and bar, set design for Beharbari Outpost, The times square- a watch showroom, Virasaat- Rajasthani cuisine space, Vectors education space etc.

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