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KA Design has consistently demonstrated its superiority in the field of residential interior design. For all types of residential projects, we provide great architectural and interior design. We work on projects from the beginning stages of design to the modification of an existing structure.

Idiosyncratic Projects, where we added a touch of Hollywood glam, are examples of projects completed for residential owners. Hollywood glam is for those who enjoy making a statement. It's a stylish combination without being cluttered, with hints of neoclassical, mid-century, art deco, and more. With lavish furnishings and over-the-top decorations like velvets and metallic, KA Design makes residences under this project the ultimate of luxury. We've also worked on Luxury Contemporary Interior Design under Idiosyncratic Projects, where we give our clients the luxurious furniture. Eclectic Interior Design is another aspect of the project, in which we combine components from various design styles into a single space. We have also experimented with Boho Designs which feature patterns with a wild and creative energy.

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