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Our Exceptional Interior Design Services

KA Design concentrates on providing outstanding interior design services throughout the northeast, with plans to broaden its horizons by offering services in other cities. The general interior design of a place can create an ambiance, a mood, or give people a sense of who they are and how they live. At KA Design, the first step in the interior designing process is always a detailed space plan that takes into account the client's needs. We look at ideas, create designs, and figure out the best method to achieve your objectives. After establishing a notion, our team expands on your space's concept. We collaborate with you every step of the way to design useful, creative, and productive living spaces that matches your needs and lifestyle without sacrificing quality. Our work is renewable and sustainable. We recycle the materials used in the construction of our architects. We used Printed Moroccan tiles in one of our projects because we didn't want to throw them away and thought they could be reused.

We offer Residential as well as Commercial Designs and most of our furniture is well crafted with a touch and essence of north-eastern culture.


Design & Planning

Space planning is our priority. Our designers are involved in an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used. We do not believe in applying a specific design or theme rather our designs are a blend of various themes and eras.


Custom Solutions

We provide tailored solutions that reflect your personal style and way of life. Clients are guided by KA Design's professional team of designers through every stage of the design, sourcing, and execution process to guarantee that the end result is exactly what the client had envisioned. We also share our thoughts with clients and keep them motivated throughout the process.


Furniture & Decor

Furniture serves a purpose in a room. We design everything from beds, sofa sets, and dining tables to the finest details such as floor mats and pillows. The materials used to make our chairs are sourced locally. Our furniture represents the culture of the North East. We believe that furniture is the essence of a space, so our decor and furniture play an important role in the work we do.

creating concept

Creating Concept

At KA Design, the first step in the interior designing process is always a detailed space plan that takes into account the client's needs. We look at ideas, create designs, and figure out the best method to achieve your objectives. After establishing a notion, our team expands on your space's concept.


We have one-of-a-kind solutions for classical interiors and ultra-modern conveniences, from the building's façade to every room. We provide the most advanced ornamental coatings available. The work by creative designers is completed ahead of schedule. We believe that the most exciting and meaningful residential home designs come from dialogue and collaboration. This is the insight that makes us one of the most sort-after interior design firms in North-East India. While we design luxury bedroom interior design, our ideology is to create a place that is breathable, well-organized space, free of clutter. Our residential designs have a Boho aesthetic that is reminiscent of gypsy life. To improve the beauty of the residences, we employ brilliant colour decor pieces, macramé, lots of plants, and wooden features. We've also worked on a Hollywood Glam theme, combining modern and art aesthetics to give a sense of grandeur.


We believe that a decent workplace should successfully represent your company's image while also meeting all of your current and future needs. We begin the design process by gaining a thorough understanding of your requirements, brand identity, and financial constraints. This assists us in communicating your vision for how your office should look and what should be included in it. We have accomplished outstanding commercial projects and have expanded our services to other offices, notably in restaurants and cafes in Guwahati, Assam. We can assist you in realising your creative and concept-driven restaurant bar design concepts. From fine dining restaurants to luxury bars, we've worked on a variety of conceptual restaurant designs such as the Tipsy Town Cafe, The Whistlers, and others in Assam.


Beautifully curated rooms aren't put together by chance; rather, the beauty of the furnishings adds value to the space. We create everything from beds, sofa sets, dining tables, to the finest elements like floor mats and pillows. In order to highlight the element of northeast culture, we use the emblem of Japi as a print on our cushions. It wasn't just the furniture that was difficult, but also the furnishing. For our Duvet, we take the entire kingdom of Ahom into consideration. The chairs that we create are made from locally sourced materials. In a leatherlite form, our Sofas encapsulate the essence of Naga fabric handprint. The Kopou flower is particularly beloved by women in Assam, thus we design cane chairs in green with printed threads of the Kopou flower on it.

We also offer Home Consultations so you don't have to go out of your way to meet with us. The consultation costs a minimum of Rs.500. We guarantee a persistent, regular, polished, smooth, and flawless consultation process for our clients. Everything we advise will fit perfectly within your existing furnishings and space because of our personalised and committed approach.

We offer Award-Winning Designs - Our founder, Karishma Kakoti, has received numerous awards for her expertise in commercial and residential interior design, including the Best emerging Interior Design Professional of the year award in London, Excellence in Interior Design 2020 in Madrid, Spain, Young Female Entrepreneur of North East in Interior Design presented by Bollywood Actress Soha Ali Khan. In addition, she was named in Forbes’ 45 Under 45 list.

our working process

A well-thought-out interior design process assists the client in dealing with uncertainties and helps in the organization of the entire design process. At KA Design, the foundation of the process is selection, planning, coordination, and organization. We make sure our clients, builders, and contractors are kept up to date on the design plan and any specifications that may be required along the way.


Creating A Concept

At KA Design, the first phase in the process is always a detailed space plan that takes the client's needs into account. We consider ideas, create designs, and determine the best way to achieve your goals. Following the establishment of an idea, our team expands on the idea of your space.



This phase includes the process of development . We believe that a client's wants and demands should be developed holistically. This stage entails brainstorming (verbal and sketched) design solutions. The design concept is complemented by a mood board, which depicts ideas for a design in a visual 2D or 3D depiction. Through visualization, we hope to bring the client's idea to life.



We go to the third phase of the process after we finish developing the visual representation of the ideas. Here, we choose materials based on your requirements. Bamboos, natural stones, repurposed wood, glass, cotton fabric, and wool are among the materials we use because we believe in sustainable design. We begin producing the required design and structure after the materials are finalized.



After the final design is approved, we go on to the installation process. Contractor proposals are solicited, and the designers prepare a precise work schedule in order. Our designers visit the site on a frequent basis to coordinate progress, evaluate quality, and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

We are always with you to make your living a huge success.

We believe in our clients, and they believe in us. We create to capture the client's spirit as well as the essence of the space.

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Client's Testimonials

All of our clients and collaborators who take the time to share their stories are appreciated. Our customers have been gushing about us. That's because, in addition to our innovative approach our company is founded on the development of professional yet personal ties. Let's hear few reviews from our clients -

Karishma Kakoti of KA Design in Guwahati is a fantastic imaginer who deserves a standing ovation for her inventiveness. I've had the pleasure of seeing a number of her works and I am completely blown away by her extensive understanding of modern interior design and architecture. Best wishes to her team for their outstanding efforts

Ananya Pachani


Ms. Karishma Kakoti, a young and brilliant interior designer, and her team from KA Design on Rajgarh Road in Guwahati provided consultation for our Shillong Hotel as well as another project in Guwahati. Her work has left a lasting impression on us. She is extremely dedicated to her work and possesses extensive knowledge of design and innovative interior items. It's no surprise that she's received so many honors in her little career. We wish her nothing but the best for the future.

Mrigank Hazarika


I knew I needed assistance the moment I decided to renovate my home. KA Design turned out to be a boon disguised as a curse. I needed a change because I was going through a difficult moment. I contacted KA Designs and met with Karishma to explore my options. Before I met her, I was completely overwhelmed. As I spoke with the team, I realized I was in good hands. Karishma's meticulous attention to detail wowed me greatly. The living room features a lovely mix of concrete and wood. The wood paneling has taken center stage in my house. All thanks to KA Design for making everything so smooth.

Parsha Kalita


Highly impressed by their prompt response to the clients. Their Involvement in the project is really commendable and their work style is extremely classic. One of the best firm that I came across in North East , kudos to the team for such exceptional work

Mr. Momi Borah Kalita


I met the founder of KA Design Karishma Kakoti at the Metropolis festival where she had set up a stall. I was so impressed by her professionalism that I offered her the responsibility of designing my home. She did a fantastic job with the basic approach, and I appreciated how she accommodated my requests. My "local foods" restaurant in the City Center Mall in Guwahati, Assam, was also created in partnership with KA Design. KA Design's total approach has left me very amazed and satisfied.

Mr. Vikas Jain

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