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KA Design is one of the best interior design firms in the North East India due to the flexibility of customizable design packages mixed with professional knowledge. For starters, the KA Design team is comprised of talented individuals. We are not a team because we collaborate. We work well together because we respect, trust, and care for one another. As a result, we at KA Design value our team members just as much as we do value our clients.

Karishma Kakoti
Founder and the Principle Interior Designer of KA Design.

"My designs are true, authentic, minimal, and always evolving"

Saishab Bhattacharya
Marketing Head at KA Design.

"Marketing and ingenuity are two of a business's most important requirements."

Kunal Bharali
Operations Manager at KA Design

"Operation management is the train engine that propels the company forward."

Pukhika Talukdar- Interior Designer at KA Design

"I am a firm believer in high-quality finishing and attention to detail."

Isha Kalita
Interior Designer at KA Design

"The designing process is completed when there is a genuine sense of belongingness."

Swati Boruah
Interior Designer at KA Design

"To design is to add value and meaning to every lifeless item"

Ambika Roy
Interior Designer at KA Design

"Good designers must always be one step ahead of the time."

Intern at KA Design

"The most fundamental condition for success, in my opinion, is self-belief and hard effort."

Jyotisha Dutta
Intern at KA Design

"Always cultivate a desire to learn, no matter how tiny it is."

Intern at KA Design

Intern at KA Design

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